What's new and what's changed in iMazing 2?

Welcome to iMazing 2! We’re thrilled to introduce all the new features we've been working on lately.

If you’re coming from iMazing 1, you’ll find that quite a few things have changed besides the colourful interface refresh. Please read on to discover what’s new and what’s changed.

In a hurry? Feel free to dive in and figure out things by yourself.

Automatically archived backups

All backups you make with iMazing 2 are now automatically archived. Disk usage is optimised to enable archiving dozens of backups without swamping your hard drive or external drive. With automatic archival enabled, your data is safe, never overwritten, and you can keep more of it.

The first time you’ll back up with iMazing 2, the backup wizard will present the following screen:

SCREENSHOT_xx You can customize backup location and archival options there. Once you’ve made the initial iMazing 2 backup, backup options are accessible through the new device settings popover:

SCREENSHOT_xx Your iMazing 2 archived backups for a given device are accessible here:

SCREENSHOT_xx Other non-iMazing 2 backups appear in the sidebar as virtual devices, tagged with a backup icon.

Better backup location management

Backup locations are now set per device. You can back up your iPhone locally on your hard drive, and your iPad on an external drive or NAS. Backup location options are found in the new device settings popover:

SCREENSHOT_xx Changing the default backup location affects where iMazing backs up a device if you do not specify a custom backup location. Changing the default backup location no longer moves all your backups to a new location. You can access the default backup location from iMazing’s Preferences:


Safely edit backups

In iMazing 2, backups are by default read-only. If you try to edit one, you’ll be prompted to make a copy instead. Fear not! The copy is a ‘shallow’ one which barely uses any disk space and keeps your original backup safe. Editable backups appear in the sidebar, tagged with the standard ‘Edit’ icon.

Customize apps in restore/transfer processes

When you restore a backup, or transfer your data to a new device, you can now choose which apps to include and which ones to leave out of the process. A great tool to help with spring cleaning when you finally get that next iPhone.

Battery health popover

Check out our nifty little battery health popover, cute eh?

SCREENSHOT_xx The percentage in the green bubble is your battery’s health. A green bubble means a healthy battery. An orange, or red one indicates an issue. Don’t wait for health to drop to abysmal levels before getting your battery checked!

‘All Photos’ album

The new All Photos album groups all of your photos by moments, including iCloud Photo Library photos. If you attempt to export a photo which isn’t actually on the phone, but in the cloud, iMazing will now offer to export its thumbnail.

Full iOS 10 support

Apple’s completely changed the backup format in iOS 10. iMazing 2 fully supports the new format, encrypted backups included.


Updated 13 Sep, 2016
by iMazing Team

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