Licensing Policy

  • The license purchase unlocks all premium feature in iMazing including music and video copy to iTunes and to computer, iPhone data copy (SMS, contacts, voicemail , notes, call history and voice memos).
  • A license is granted with no time limit for version issued at the time of purchase and includes free updates for that version. The product version is defined by the number immediately following the product name, followed by a period.
  • The license is valid for the current version, including service updates and bug fixes for both Mac and Windows version. Upgrades to new iMazing versions and major releases that include new features and support for new operating systems are available at discount for existing license owners.
  • Each license covers three (3) computers owned by the license owner. This license is strictly personal. We understand a license owner might operate computers that are not strictly his own and will tolerate installation on such shared computers (e.g. office owned machines or family computers). This only extends to fair use and abuse would lead to license cancellation without compensation.
  • One license allows to connect as many devices as wanted, there is no connectivity limitation associated with a licence.
  • Refunds are granted on a discretionary basis if the software for any material reason failed to operate, could not be installed or did not work properly and every reasonable means to correct the issue has been applied. In such a case the licensee is required to open a support ticket in order to notify the DigiDNA Support Team of the issue to provide all necessary details as to ensure that all possible means of solving the problem have been exhausted. More details on the refund process can be found on the DigiDNA Support Website.

DiskAid has been a great iPhone tool.
But we thought you'd want
an iPhone manager that was truly iMazing

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DiskAid has been a great iPhone tool. But we thought you'd want an iPhone manager that was truly iMazing
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