iPhone, iPod & iPad Music Transfer

iMazing iPod, iPhone & iPad Music Transfer

Ultimate iPhone Music Transfer – Both Ways

  • From any device directly to iTunes or any desired location, which is impossible to do with iTunes. This feature is a life saver in case music is only on a device and you need to get it back into iTunes, whether to share it to another computer or to have it as a back up.
  • To any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch no matter if the iOS device has been previously synced with iTunes. Further music can be uploaded from any location, local or remote, any folder or single track stored locally or on an external drive attached to the computer.

Music Copy Made Easy

iMazing can transfer a complete iPod library or any selection of songs, albums, artists or genre in just a few clicks. Thanks to the intuitive transfer wizard iMazing will assist you throughout the copy process:

  1. Media selection (Music, Music Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks) and target location (iTunes or any folder)
  2. iTunes Meta Data options (playlists, rating, plays, skips and last played)
  3. Copying jobs review and logs (reporting status available for each track)

iMazing transfers all audio and video formats stored in any device type: whether it’s an iPod Classic, Touch, Nano, an iPhone or an iPad. From any Apple Mobile Device it will transfer music, videos, audio and video podcasts, audio books, iTunes U or any other media right back to your computer.

Use iMazing to Backup, Recover or Copy Music

iMazing gets music off your device regardless of which library or computer it was originally linked to, so that you can connect any iPhone, iPod or iPad to any computer, no matter if has been synced or paired previously. Hence iMazing is your tool of choice when you need to merge tracks from different devices to one computer, copy the contents of one device’s library to another or recover music from a device after the loss, breakage or theft of the original computer with which the device was synced.

Import Playlists back into iTunes

Rebuilding playlists using iMazing is too easy. As iMazing spots the tracks already existing in the target iTunes library, it will only transfer the missing songs to the playlist. And if iMazing sees the exact same playlist already exists, it will duplicate it, appending the mention iMazing to the original name. Downloading Playlists back on your computer with iMazing is dead simple.

iTunes Meta Data Transfer

In order to faithfully rebuild a library along with the media itself iMazing will also transfer the iTunes meta data that makes every library unique, such as playlists, rating, plays, skips and last played.

Duplicate Detection Included

iMazing also boasts an advanced detection mechanism that will match existing tracks and avoid duplicates. This feature is especially useful when consolidating libraries scattered among various devices but can be disabled for particular transfer jobs.

Precise Transfer Reporting

At the end of the copy process iMazing provides a comprehensive and detailed log of everything that was copied and anything that happened to your media copy process. It shows a report list in successful transfers, skipped duplicates and reported errors.

DiskAid has been a great iPhone tool.
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DiskAid has been a great iPhone tool. But we thought you'd want an iPhone manager that was truly iMazing
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