Camera Roll, Albums & Photo Streams

Transfer Camera Roll Pictures Photo Albums & Videos with iMazing

The iPhone is the World’s most popular camera, and iMazing is the best way to transfer all these pictures from those iPhones to computers, hands down. Because iMazing copies every picture to any computer making it super easy to export, backup, save, and share those memories. Actually as Apple says: “With iOS 8, every picture you take is now on all your devices.” And that’s precisely the issue, it’s about your own devices, only. In real life, you might well be willing to get your pictures onto something else than your own devices, like your computer, another computer you own, or a computer you don’t even own and have never synced your iPhone with. iMazing offers a simple, straightforward and unified workflow for copying every photo or video from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to any computer, Mac or PC.

iMazing Does It All

Whether your favorite shots had been synced with an old computer, you want to share albums to a computer you don’t keep in sync using iTunes, you’re not using iCloud, you want to collect the contents of your Camera Roll… look no further iMazing is the solution you need, because it does it all.

  • iMazing accesses all images in any iOS device
  • Including videos and panoramas
  • Via USB or Wi-Fi
  • No iTunes or iCloud sync required
  • Transfers the contents of the Camera Roll
  • Loads all images in Photos App, including all Albums

Share What You Have in iCloud

And for assets stored in iCloud, iMazing offers a unique and easy way to save and share these picture to third party computers and storage devices. iMazing works for iCloud Streams. We just told you, even for iCloud collections and streams, iMazing does it all.

  • Copy your own Photo Stream
  • Transfer shared Photo Stream
  • To any computer you own or not
  • No matter it’s a Mac or a PC

DiskAid has been a great iPhone tool.
But we thought you'd want
an iPhone manager that was truly iMazing

It is more than a name change, iMazing changes the game.

More than ever, you can manage all your iOS devices simply. Get iMazing.

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DiskAid has been a great iPhone tool. But we thought you'd want an iPhone manager that was truly iMazing
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