iMazing 在此

iMazing 2 是一次巨大的飞跃,不仅全面兼容 iOS 11,还有全新的观感,以及独有的备份存档解决方案,让您的数据更安全。对于 iOS 11 和即将推出的 iPhone 8,我们来得正是时候。

  • All DiskAid and iMazing license owners can upgrade at a 50% discount.
  • Grace period: iMazing licenses purchased after the 13th of March 2016 are upgraded to iMazing 2 for free.
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iMazing 2 有哪些新特性?

iPhone 的时间机器




全面支持 iOS 11

iMazing 2 是少有的全面支持 Apple 新备份格式的软件之一



Photos to Device

Getting your holiday pictures on your iPad has never been easier.

Console and Logs

Fully fledged device console and access to iOS logs brings more power to developers.

Manage iBooks

Transfer PDFs to iBooks or retrieve e-books from iPhone and iPad via drag and drop.

Install iOS

iMazing can now update or re-install iOS on your devices, and handle DFU and Recovery modes.

Contextual Help

Most sections of iMazing 2 feature a help button linking a related article in our support center.


不同于 iTunes 或 iCloud,您的备份会被妥善地保存和存档。

HEIC Converted on the fly

Apple's new image format is automatically converted to JPEG if your computer isn't compatible yet.

Download and Manage Apps

Download your apps from the iOS App Store and manage your local apps library.

iMazing 2 有哪些功能?