iMazing Profile Editor

Crea, modifica e firma i profili di configurazione Apple

Un’applicazione gratuita per definire facilmente le impostazioni che sono pronte per essere distribuite localmente o tramite MDM a flotte di iPhone, iPad, Mac e altri dispositivi Apple.

Configurazione facile di dispositivi Apple

L’interfaccia utente comoda e intuitiva genera profili di configurazione conformi allo standard, evitando la necessità di codificare manualmente file XML .mobileconfig.

Imposta le preferenze corrette

Potenti funzionalità di ricerca profonda aiutano a individuare le giuste impostazioni in base al titolo della proprietà, al nome o alla descrizione.

Tu controlli quali proprietà vengono scritte nel file impostando i valori solo su quelli che vuoi, evitando confusione con le chiavi.

Firma digitalmente i profili

Distribuisci con sicurezza le impostazioni organizzative a un numero illimitato di dipendenti, studenti e clienti firmando i profili con un certificato del tuo Portachiavi macOS per evitare manomissioni.

Massima compatibilità MDM

Per servizi MDM che accettano solo il caricamento di liste di proprietà specifiche del dominio, esportano i payload direttamente in singoli file .plist.

Concentrati sull’attività

Personalizza l’app per adattarla ai tuoi workflow con filtri di visualizzazione.

  • Scegli le piattaforme che ti interessano.
  • Nascondi le sezioni sulle quali non stai lavorando.
  • Mostra i nomi di proprietà solo quando necessario.
  • Le tue scelte continuano su nuove finestre.

Conta sulla competenza della comunità

iMazing Profile Editor si avvale delle conoscenze degli esperti di amministrazione dei dispositivi Apple sfruttando i più recenti manifesti delle preferenze compilati dalla comunità del progetto ProfileManifests.

Distribuisci i propri PFM

Quando occorre definire i propri file manifesto dei profili, basta indicare a iMazing Profile Editor la loro posizione ed essa creerà dinamicamente le rispettive pagine delle preferenze. Scopri di più

Dal team iMazing

Abbiamo creato il miglior gestore di iPhone e iPad: iMazing. Con iMazing puoi creare backup, ripristinare, configurare e aggiornare dispositivi iOS.

E se devi trasferire messaggi, musica, file e dati puoi fare anche questo! Scopri la nostra prova gratuita

iMazing Profile Editor

Crea, modifica e firma i profili di configurazione Apple

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Compatibile con Mac e PC Windows.
Ultima versione: 1.9.0. Aggiornato il Apr 2, 2024 Ultima versione: 1.9.0. Aggiornato il Apr 2, 2024 Ultima versione: 1.7.2. Aggiornato il Apr 2, 2024

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I love iMazing!

da Clark Morgan

You really don't have control of your Apple Device till you have iMazing. The features and options and it exposes are remarkable. I initially purchased iMazing to generate a clean, detailed log of text messages for a court battle I was in. It would not be unfair to say that it saved the day in this regard and should be in the arsenal of every attorney. But as time has passed, I have found so much more use for it and now it's an indispensable convenience.

Excellent product and top notch customer service.

da Kimberly Carpenter

I have used this product for years and it has been a fantastic resource to save to my computer the texts and voicemail messages from my phone that were important to me. The customer service experience I have had has been great- my emails are responded to quickly and you work with the same person during the entire process which helps immensely if you have additional questions. Overall, very satisfied with the product and service! Highly recommend!

The best!

da Suz

iMazing is by far the best software program and people I have been blessed with during chaos. iMazing blows it's competitors away in every aspect from what you can do, get access to, and store from your own iPhone that you didn't even know existed or was capable, including the service from real human beings that are kind, respond to emails, and want to help.

Saved my life

da Drdent

Before using iTunes and any other apple software you MUST do a backup with this software. It is fast, simple, inexpensive and easy to use. Following your imazing backup no matter how hard iTunes tries to destroy your iphone or ipad you will always have a full backup of everything. Also make SURE you get a backup using imazing BEFORE EVER upgrading your iOS.

Truly a great software!

da Mike

Truly a great software with rugged capabilities. I have been using it for years alongside with others that do the same thing, but iMazing is the only one that stood the test of time! It is just what anyone needs for the next level in Apple products backup versatility.

Software that works.

da Steve Peck

I needed to print my text from my iPhone. I installed the software, attached my phone and 2 clicks later I had my printout. Easy peasy!!!

iMazing ... Amazing.

da Guillaume Morissette

This software is just fire 🔥🔥🔥 Takes the headache out of iPhone backups and backup transfers. Stunning.

Best sync utility for an iPhone.

da Michael

The interface is well thought through with attention to detail. It grabs everything off your iPhone including stuff you probably didn't realize was there like voice memos, voicemail, etc. You can sync via lightning cable or WiFi. Well worth the price. You can export everything to multiple formats with one click which is very useful.

This product works without issues.

da Christopher Murphy

I have been a lawyer 44 years. Need reliability in software. This product has been perfect for downloading text messages for use in litigation. It works quickly and is far superior to Apple software and its messing around. Wouldn't be without it.

Export Notes directly from iPhone.

da Eric

I found the notes export functionality very useful in transitioning to a new iPhone. The notes were quickly converted to text files, no muss, no fuss. And no iTunes! I see other potentially useful exporters and tools that I look forward to trying in the future.

Excellent software.

da Lora Westberg

iMazing has so many awesome features. It makes transferring data between my iPhone and my Mac fast and easy, as well as transferring data between iPhones. I am able to backup and manage multiple devices which makes it much simpler to manage my families files.

I wouldn't own and iPhone without iMazing!

da Laurie

I don't know about everyone else but I wouldn't own and iPhone without iMazing Manager, you just plug your iPhone in to the computer and let iMazing do the rest for you. All I have to do is pick and choose what I want, you can't beat that.

Life saver program.

da Ellen Zaroff

I bought this to back up some texts I had which I needed for a legal reference but this program has just saved me when all my photos were erased in an Apple glitch...they had all been stored on iMazing. Am so happy with this product! Thoroughly recommend it for all the variety of access it gives you to your devices, which Apple makes such a pain.

Trustworthy software.

da PB

iMazing is an excellent, well-thought out, improved alternative to iTunes backups. I rely on it every day and totally trust it with the most important tool I use mobile phone. I've been part of development teams for hardware and software and I can tell you without question, iMazing is a seriously well executed piece of software. Thanks to the fine team who put this together. You have made my life easier and my work safer.

Useful, Elegant and Effective.

da Dewey M

iMazing takes the basic connectivity between my Mac and iPhone and brings it to a level which makes computer and phone practically one unit. Moving music, messages, web pages and more rom one to the other is simple and reliable. I can't think of another application I've tried which does as much as iMazing as well.

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