iMazing Profile Editor

Create, Edit, and Sign Apple Configuration Profiles

A free app to easily define settings that are ready to be deployed locally or via MDM to fleets of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices.

Configure Apple Devices with Ease

Convenient and intuitive user interface generates standard-compliant configuration profiles, saving the need to manually code .mobileconfig XML files.

Set the Right Preferences and Nothing Else

Powerful deep search capabilities help locate the right settings by property title, name, or description.

By default, only required properties and modified ones end up written to file, avoiding key clutter.

Digitally Sign Profiles

Confidently deploy organizational settings to unlimited employees, students, and customers by digitally signing profiles with a certificate from your KeyChain to prevent tampering.

Focus on the Task

Customize the app to suite your workflows with display filters.

  • Choose the platforms that interest you.
  • Hide sections that you are not working on.
  • View property names only when you need.
  • Your choices persist on new windows.

Maximum MDM Compatibility

For MDM services that only accept domain-specific property list uploads, export payloads directly to individual .plist files.

Count on Community Expertise

iMazing Profile Editor draws upon knowledge of Apple device administration experts by leveraging the latest community-compiled preference manifests from the ProfileManifests project.

Roll Your Own PFMs

When defining your own profile manifest files is the way to go, simply point iMazing Profile Editor to their location and it will dynamically create preference pages accordingly.

By the iMazing Team

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