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Trusted by over 10,000 businesses and organizations, our solutions are easily deployed and leveraged by admins and end-users alike.

We offer flexible licensing options to match your usage of iMazing, from self-service plans to custom site-wide licenses.

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For macOS & Windows

  • The ultimate local device manager for iPhones & iPads.
  • Empower a Mac or PC to easily access device data and transfer files.
  • Supercharge your local device backups.
  • Export, print, or archive chats (SMS/MMS, iMessage, or WhatsApp) that pertain to your business or clients.
  • Among dozens of other features you’ve always wanted but that Apple never gave you!

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Phone Evidence

For macOS & Windows

iMazing's industry-leading data extraction capabilities optimized for attorneys and law firms to use with clients.

  • Export to PDF or print: Messages (SMS, iMessages), WhatsApp chat, call log, Safari history.
  • Save voicemails, photos, and more.
  • Sold as a block of licenses your firm manages directly; Assign licenses as needed to clients.
  • The iMazing Business Device License offers access to the iMazing Account platform to send invitation to clients.
  • Each client receives a unique license code by email, with instructions to use iMazing.
  • Offers acces to iMazing Account task delegation system (available soon).

Since November 2023, iMazing Phone Evidence is now sold as the iMazing Business - Device License. Same price, more features.

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iMazing Configurator

For macOS only but blueprints can be applied with iMazing on macOS & Windows

Powerful tools to help sys admins supervise, configure, and provision fleets of Apple mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

  • Advanced blueprints enable powerful automations.
  • Streamline MDM enrollment.
  • Configure multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Detailed progress report shows device status.
  • Integrated tools for quick iterations when testing configurations.

Now included with all iMazing Business - Device License and iMazing Business - Subscription.

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iMazing Profile Editor

For macOS & Windows

  • The #1 tool in the industry for creating, editing and signing Apple configuration profiles (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS).
  • Access dozens of Apple and third-party configuration payloads including thousands of options.
  • Recommended by JAMF, the largest MDM solution for Apple devices.

Completely free! Our gift to the sysadmin community.

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iMazing CLI

For macOS & Windows

  • Exhaustive command line interface for advanced interaction with iOS devices and backups.
  • Fully scriptable features include: file transfer, data extraction, backup/restore, update iOS (and more).
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows. Easily deployed in any environment.

Now included with all iMazing Business - Device License and iMazing Business - Subscription.

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iMazing Business

Best value for businesses who regularly use iMazing.

Buy Business Subscription

  • Install iMazing on as many computers as you need.
  • Purchase the quantity that matches your annual Apple mobile device needs.
  • Includes iMazing Configurator and CLI features.

iMazing Business
Device License

Purchase a block of licenses one-time that never expire.

Buy Business Device License

  • Previously named iMazing Phone Evidence.
  • Assign licenses as needed to clients or colleagues to use with their device.
  • Includes iMazing Configurator and CLI features.

Custom Licensing

Flexible options for large organizations.

Contact Us

  • Site-wide licenses for organizations with 1000+ devices.
  • Custom builds of our solutions, optimized for your specific use case.
Please note: Pricing for custom licenses starts at $10,000. Contact us for more information.
  • I can't recall the last time iTunes or Finder was launched on my computer. I just connect the device and launch iMazing. It's all I need to back up and make a safe copy of our mobile data.
    Cory Montgomery
    IT Director, Redding Construction
  • iMazing Configurator is the closest I've seen to Zero-Touch deployment of iPads.
    Topher Nadauld
    Senior System Administrator, University of Utah
  • iMazing is an excellent combination of ease and power. Head and shoulders better than anything I had come across before!
    Craig Ball
    Attorney and Forensic Expert

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