iMazing Mini

iMazing Mini is iMazing’s sidekick, a lightweight app that puts powerful capabilities just a click away.

iMazing Mini is bundled with iMazing and not available as a separate download.

Available on Mac & PC

The Copilot For Your Backups

  • Mini powers iMazing’s scheduled backup feature.
  • Mini runs in the background and will prompt you to run a backup at your preferred time.
  • Backups are supported over USB or Wi-Fi.

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Transfer Files In A Flash

  • iMazing Quick Transfer can be invoked through Mini.
  • Drag-and-drop the file you wish to copy to Mini, then your target device, and watch it work with just one click.
  • Quick Transfer automatically finds compatible apps on your device to receive the file.
  • It’s faster than AirDrop, and works from Windows.

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Monitor Battery Life At A Glance

  • Easily check the battery life of all your Apple mobile devices.
  • Receive low battery notifications on your Mac or PC.

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What is iMazing Mini?

  • Mini is a component of iMazing
  • Mini is a Menu Bar app on macOS or a System Tray app on Windows
  • Mini is not a separate product; it is not available to download individually
  • Mini is required if you use scheduled backups, but is otherwise optional
  • Can be used to invoke Quick Transfer to quickly copy a file to a target device
  • Provides quick access to battery info (including low battery notifications), storage use, backup status, and more

How do I access iMazing Mini?

  • Mini can be launched from iMazing, from the Tools menu
  • Mini can also be configured to launch automatically at login via iMazing’s Settings
  • Once running, iMazing Mini is accessed from:
    • On Mac: the menu bar, on the right side
    • On Windows: in the task bar’s system tray

How do I quit iMazing Mini?

  • Mac: click the iMazing Mini icon in the menu bar
    Windows: click the iMazing mini icon in the taskbar's system tray section
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select Quit

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