iMazing Mini

Ultimate Backups of iPhone and iPad

iMazing Mini is the free Mac and PC app which backs up your iOS devices automatically, wirelessly, and privately.

macOS Windows
iOS 11

Your iOS time machine

  • Unique: the only iOS backup solution to offer 'Time Machine' like snapshots of your devices.

  • Optimized: store dozens of backups without crowding your hard drive.

  • Restorable: go back in time and restore any specific version of your backup.

  • Browsable: your backed up data can be easily viewed in iMazing

  • 100% Free: no ads, no paid cloud storage.

Automatic Automatic
Optimized Optimized
History History
Free Free

Scheduled backups

  • Configure when and how frequently each of your devices is backed up: daily, weekly...

  • Choose how many of your backups iMazing Mini should keep: a month worth or just a week, or all of them if you're a hoarder.

  • Be notified when you're behind schedule: iMazing Mini will remind you so that you're always up to date.

Wireless and secure

  • Convenient: don't think about it, your iPhone is backed up even if it stays in your bag or pocket.

  • End-to-end encryption: your data is safe when transferred via your local Wi-Fi network (SSL).

  • Private: stored on the hard drive or NAS of your choice, your data does not transit via Internet.

  • Backup encryption: Apple's super secure backup encryption format is fully supported and encouraged (AES-256).

Wireless Wireless
Secure Secure
Local Local
Encrypted Encrypted


  • Battery health tool: monitor your battery's charge level and advanced metrics.

  • Low battery notification: configure a threshold below which iMazing Mini will remind you to charge your device.

  • Advanced device info: easy access to UDID, Serial, IMEI, Chip Model and more...

  • Sleep, Shut-Down, Restart of connected devices (works via Wi-Fi too).

Free, hmmm... What's the catch?

There's no catch, really. Our flagship software (iMazing) is a paid app. We designed iMazing Mini to be its perfect companion, and a nifty little standalone tool too.

We hope that the more you'll enjoy iMazing Mini, the more you'll be tempted to give iMazing a go - it's that simple. Learn more about iMazing

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