Licensing Policy

  • The purchase and activation of an iMazing license end all limitations of the trial period and grants unlimited transfers of all supported data sets.

  • iMazing licenses are not subjected to a time limit, and include free updates for all minor updates of the purchased major version. The major version number is defined by the number immediately following the product name, followed by a period.

  • Major version upgrades – which include important new features and support for new operating systems and devices – are available at a steep discount for existing licensees (at least 50% off).

  • Licenses purchased late in a major version cycle will be automatically upgraded, free of charge.

  • Changes to Apple’s environment which require a substantial rewrite of iMazing’s code in order to maintain compatibility may warrant a major upgrade.

  • We understand a license owner might operate computers that are not strictly his own and will tolerate installation on such shared computers (e.g. office owned machines or family computers). This only extends to fair use and abuse may lead to license cancellation without compensation.

  • There is no limit to the number of devices a licensee can connect to iMazing.

  • Refunds are granted on a discretionary basis if the software repeatedly fails to operate or cannot be installed, providing that every reasonable means to correct the issue has been applied. In such cases, the licensee is required to open a support ticket in order to notify the DigiDNA Support Team of the issue, and to provide in said support ticket all necessary details as to ensure that all possible means of solving the issue have been exhausted. Refund requests will only be granted in the 30 days following the purchase.

  • In the event of major changes in Apple software or hardware, DigiDNA cannot guarantee that its products will remain functional, and will not be liable for damage of any kind resulting from partial or total loss of compatibility.

  • DigiDNA sends license holders important news regarding their license and its updates. These newsletters always contain an ‘Unsubscribe’ button. We strongly advise license holders to remain subscribed, unless they intend to never use the product again: newsletters may contain information about critical bug fixes, security enhancements, new features or feature changes, and renewal / upgrade special offers. Users can also unsubscribe at any time here.