BackOff In The News: MacWorld & LifeHacker

3 Feb, 2010   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Our free utility BackOff that lets users speed up their iPhone/iPod touch syncs makes it to the headlines!

First Lifehacker released a small review of [intlink id=”878″ type=”page”]BackOff[/intlink] on Feb. 2nd, noting that the small tool should be used with care – as we strongly suggest it too. However, the morning after on Feb. 3rd MacWorld has posted a pretty enthusiastic commentary on BackOff, namely pointing out the simplicity of the interface.

We are glad they appreciate this small gadget that lets the users decide whether the backup should take place at every single sync … or not ! The automated backup essentially copies every bit of data that has changed in the device, and this has proven to be pretty long for heavy camera users or any data generating apps.

Although it is an essential iTunes function and that backups should be regularly be done, skipping them allows great time gains for heavy iPhone users! [intlink id=”883″ type=”page”] Get your fee copy[/intlink] (for Mac OS X and PC Windows) right now, quick!