Desktop Apps LineUp Upgrade & DiskAid Mac OS X New Release

22 Mar, 2010   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Today we release updates for the whole set of our core applications.

Along with this announcement, we release a thoroughly polished of our flagship DiskAid iPhone/iPod USB File Transfer desktop application for Mac OS X users.

Technical Release

Affects all three software: DiskAid, TuneAid and DiskAid for all platforms.

It enhances user experience in simplifying the registration process: no longer is a Serial key needed to register the product, the registration being carried automatically with an automated web connection operated after the user enters the email address entered upon checkout.

(Please note: a web connection is required for registration from now on)

  • Upgrading is strongly recommended to all users in order to ensure continuous use and enjoyment of all future enhancements of all products and versions of DigDNA software!

DiskAid Bug Fix Release

Affects: DiskAid – Mac OS X version

For this release, we have fixed numerous bug fixes, including various folder navigation issues, bookmarking, and various stability upgrades.

  • Upgrading to DiskAid 3.2 for is highly recommended to all Mac OS X users as it fixes numerous bugs and stability issues.