DigiDNA Announces the Release of FileApp Pro

9 Mar, 2010   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

We are pretty excited to announce that we have released an all-new ‘Pro’ version of our FileApp iPhone application. The app is available in the ‘business’ category of the Apple App Store from now on. The new app will later sell for $4.99 but is now exceptionally free for a limited 2 weeks launch period.

FileApp (regular version) will remain free in the ‘productivity’ category.

FileApp Pro Main Features and Description

FileApp Pro is a File Manager & Reader for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

FileApp Pro is a handy files and documents manager for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It is a multimedia file viewer and text editor. FileApp Pro allows the move, copy, rename or transfer via email files, images, videos, PDF or office documents so that your iPhone folders can be managed and remain organized on the go.

What Can I do with FileApp Pro?

More than an iPhone browser, FileApp Pro lets the user handle common file system actions such as move, or copy files or folders with single or multiple items selection.

  • It generates ZIP files with all supported types of files and documents
  • It also allows to create text files that can be further edited like any other Office document after having been copied to a computer with using any open WiFi connection.
  • It has the same sleek and intuitive interface with which FileApp displays files by folders, alphabetically, by date of copy or by file type.

What’s new in FileApp Pro?

The new features are: copy, move, create and rename folders, create folders and text files, multi-selection of items to email or ZIP

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