DiskAid 4.0 Released with iPhone OS 4.0 Full Support

2 Jun, 2010   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Diskaid 4.0 is not just a New Version

DiskAid 4.0 is DigiDNA’s latest release of USB desktop browser application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It automatically reveals all iPhone apps set to exchange data with a computer (supporting the new ‘File Sharing’ system introduced by Apple in iPhone OS 4.0 & 3.2).

DiskAid 4.0 simplifies the file exchange process an enormous deal with a new application window automatically displaying all compatible applications and relevant folders, and even makes it happen with iPhone OS 3.1.3.


What is the Difference

With iTunes 9.1, Apple has introduced the ‘File sharing’ feature allowing compatible apps to exchange files with a computer. The ‘File sharing’ process and interface is nested in the ‘Apps’ tab in iTunes, and only allows to move items file by file, requiring a sync at each time.

Files transferred to the iPhone using DiskAid 4.0 can be easily viewed by any compatible file reader, including FileApp & FileApp Pro.

DiskAid 4.0 offers real ‘file system’ capabilities: files and folders can be browsed, transferred back and forth in a single session; elements can be renamed, copied, deleted and moved from one location to another.

What are the Main (New) Features

  • File Sharing Support (including for iPhone OS 3.1.3) with all compatible iPhone apps
  • iPhone OS 4.0 support
  • Automatic applications and folder discovery
  • Interface redesign (separate navigation pane and browser window)
  • Multi selection of files or folders
  • Internal move (from one location to another within the device)
  • New shortcut system (drag and drop elements to create shortcuts)

More Details

DiskAid 4.0 is available for PC Windows and Mac OS X
The release offers also a major stability improvement and many small bug fixes
DiskAid product home page : http://www.digidna.net/products/diskaid
Watch a short featured demo on Youtube

Download the free trial version (full featured) http://www.digidna.net/products/diskaid/download

Please contact DigiDNA for more details