DiskAid 5.0.4 – Advanced File Transfers from iOS to OS X Without iTunes

15 Dec, 2011   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Geneva, Switzerland – Dec 15, 2011

DiskAid transfers files to apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Users can easily browse the contents of iOS apps and transfer files to or from another iOS device. DiskAid automatically discovers all apps and enables the copying of files, folders, or even complete file trees.

The app permits the user to copy music and videos from any iOS device and transfer it back into iTunes. DiskAid 5 replaces DigiDNA’s previous app, TuneAid, and includes a brand new, intuitive music and videos transfer wizard to copy media from any iPod, iPhone and iPad to a computer. Users can transfer music, movies, podcasts (audio & video), iTunes U, audiobooks, any playlist, or any specific selection or mix of these. The copy will include iTunes meta data: ratings, play counts, etc. DiskAid accesses the contents of any iPhone or iPad Camera Roll and permits the copying of all stills and videos shot with the device or synced with iTunes to an iOS 5 device.

Feature Highlights:

  • Transfer music and video stored in any Apple mobile device and copy it back to iTunes or any folder on any Mac or PC
  • Exchange files with any iPhone app to export files and documents to the app or save apps data to the computer
  • Store files on using any iOS device, using it as an external USB storage device
  • Access the mobile device’s data, such as, SMS text messages, contacts, notes, voicemail, call histories, and voice memos and save them to the computer
  • Copy pictures within the Camera Roll and Photo Albums from the iPhone to the computer

Accessing the iOS file system is a free core feature of DiskAid; no license or registration is necessary to enjoy file transfer to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Users gain access the iPhone Operating System, files, and folders. DiskAid also provides a reliable, fast, and secure alternative to SSH without jailbreaking, third-party installers, or any other hack.

“Why limit your access to your Apple mobile devices?” asked Victor Broido of DigiDNA. “DiskAid is a powerful complement to to the iTunes application on your computer that empowers the user, allowing things that iTunes does not, such as: allowing you to transfer, copy, and save the contents of your iOS devices between each other and to your Mac or PC.”

System Requirements:

  • Mac OSX 10.6 and later
  • Intel-based architecture
  • 3.8 MB
  • iTunes 10.5

  • Windows 7, Vista, or XP
  • iTunes 10.5
  • 3.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:

DiskAid 5 is a free download that includes unlimited file transfer, and is available directly from DigiDNA. A single license registration for $24.90 (USD), valid for Mac and PC, is required to unlock music, video, and data copy (SMS, contacts, etc.). The single license allows an unlimited number of connections to an unlimited number of devices. Review copies are available upon request.