DiskAid 6.2.1 iPhone File Transfer for Mac Released: New File Browsing Features

19 Feb, 2013   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

The latest revision of DiskAid 6 the Wi-Fi iPhone file transfer soft for Mac OS X brings a handful of refinements for a smoother-than-ever browsing experience and an level of interaction that’s never been achieved before.

New Features Highlights in DiskAid 6.2.1 for Mac Include:

  • Copy/Paste File Transfer: transfer files across devices with a “Copy” from a device and a “Paste” to the other one without the need to copy to computer in between.
  • Multi Quick look: Preview multiple files at the same time.
  • Open With: Open any kind of file with the any compatible desktop app.
  • Remote Save: Automatic transfer of modified files to device. Files that have been opened from the file browser can be modified and saved to their original location on the device – automatically.

This Version Also Boasts:

  • Better handling of file system permissions in app sandboxes
  • Message PDF Export: Whole new advanced export function
  • Copy/Paste text from Messages, Call history, Notes and Contacts
  • Drag & drop text from Messages, Call History, Notes and Contacts
  • Export contacts as CSV file
  • Export messages as CSV file
  • Device Info view: Many new infos, such as Model Type, ECID, Bluetooth MAC Address…
  • Improved Wi-Fi File Transfer with iOS 5
  • Interface improvements
  • Stability improvements

The Following Bugs have been fixed:

  • iMessage and MMS attachments are now correctly handled
  • Message sender is now displayed for group messages
  • Copy media files from an iPod to an iTunes library located on an external hard drive is fixed
  • Simlinks are now fully supported
  • Many other bug fixes

All current Diskaid 6 licenses qualify for a free update. DiskAid 5 licenses purchased after October 1st qualify for a FREE upgrade to DiskAid 6 Mac version

DiskAid Mac and PC versions are available for download from DigiDNA’s website and offer free file transfer and other features.