4 Jul, 2012   |   Author:

Here is an amazing contribution to our continuous effort to help users get the best of the iPhone. In this case the utmost practical guide written by a real life (and tech savvy) lawyer.

Oh, and please note that this works for attorneys too.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that using DiskAid 5 not only can I export my iPhone4S call history in a table format and it export to a PC or Mac, but I can also transfer all sorts of core iPhone/iPad files and data between my PC and iPhone/iPad as easily as if I was transferring files between two Windows folders. In fact, DiskAid gives you the ability to easily drag and drop almost any file between your PC/Mac and your iPhone/iPad. This includes all types of media on your iPhone/iPad including voicemails, SMS Text messages, contacts, audio memos, you name it. Simply connect your iPad/iPhone to your Mac/PC with a USB cable. DiskAid will detect your device, and you are off to the races.

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