iMazing 2.1 gives iOS devs a better device console

17 Nov, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing always featured some great tools for the developer community, all of them freely accessible in our trial version:

  • Direct access to the sandbox of apps in development (Developer virtual folder)
  • Read/Write access to the file system of backups
  • Tools to back up and restore application data
  • Easy retrieval of advanced device info

In iMazing 2.1, we've added a fully fledged device console window, which we hope the developer community will find useful. SCREENSHOT_xx It actually does quite a bit more than Xcode's console:

  • Pause and Resume, output whilst paused is queued
  • Filter, focus on what matters to you (see locationd filter in the screenshot above)
  • Export, save to text in a click
  • Customize, because we know you've always wanted your console logs in pink Comic Sans MS on a green background

No need for the monitored device to be connected via USB, WiFi works great too: SCREENSHOT_xx

In addition to the new Device Console window, iMazing 2.1 adds access to system and 3rd party app log files via a new Logs virtual folder at the root of the File System section of each device. SCREENSHOT_xx