Important FileApp Update

26 Nov, 2009   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Important FileApp Update

As a DiskAid user, you might be using our App to view files on your device.
If this is your case you are maybe aware already: we had to upgrade it 1.4 to 1.5 and we changed the name to FileApp
, incidentally.

We were very upset about Apple’s decision not to let our users enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of USB file transfer, but we had no choice as you can imagine. We are very sorry about that.

DiskAid (USB transfer tool) is still perfectly functional for file storing and iPhone/iPod Touch filesystem access but FileApp won’t let you view your files on the device.

It is probably pretty uncommon, but we would like you NOT to UPGRADE to FileApp in the App Store automatically, but to read the following carefully before:

  • Why Should you Upgrade:If you have a jailbreak on your device and you are only using WiFi connection for transferring files.
  • Why You Should NOT Upgrade:If you are using the current version on a device without jailbreak in conjunction with DiskAid – USB no longer supported

If you have upgraded on your iPhone by mistake (or you missed the upgrade information notice prior upgrading on your iPhone) you have the ability to downgrade to the former version if you haven’t upgraded within iTunes on your desktop and you haven’t performed a sync!

  • To do so:
    1. Check that you have the original app in your iPhone apps within iTunes on your computer.
    2. Delete the FileApp app from your iPhone (or iPod Touch)
    3. Select the former version within the app tab in iTunes and press sync
  • If a message appears warning that you have a more recent version of this app on the device, accept: it will install the former instead of the newly released FileApp.
  • If you have upgraded to FileApp directly in iTunes on your computer, delete it before sync (if applicable) and the former app version will be copied back onto iTunes at next sync.

It is a real issue for us, as the ability to browse files transferred via USB within our iPhone app was a great feature within the DiskAid program we will sure suffer from that – but we won’t let our loyal customers take the blame.

We would naturally refund users that claim for, even beyond our refund policy (up to 60 days).

Also if you had a good time while the trick lasted, or if you feel any sympathy for us and you think that your purchase could subsidize the development and maintenance of the free version of FileApp and you do not request a refund, we would thank you in advance for your support!

*Name changed due to a trademark claim settlement