PicsAid 1.0: DigiDNA Releases an iPhone & iPod Pictures Transfer and Copy Tool

24 Dec, 2009   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

It was almost just hours before Christmas when the team finally published the first version of PicsAid, DigiDNA’s new desktop software (PC Windows & Mac OS X), allowing users to freely copy, transfer and share the pictures synced with iTunes.

From now on, the transfer of a photo album from an iPhone or an iPod is not only possible but also as easy as can be! What cannot be done with the one-way sync in iTunes to the Phone or iPod found a solution with PicsAid! PicsAid lets the user browse and copy images from the photo library within a device and transfer its’s content effortlessly to any computer allowing sharing and backup of precious photo memories.

Download now a free trial version of PicsAid, and discover a simple way of making a copy of all the pictures that are on the device, and this could be crucial in case of a computer crash or other disaster, but also as a simple way of sharing photos with friends and family.