TuneAid 3.5 is out: Copy your iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Music to Computer Now!

24 Jun, 2010   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

TuneAid 3.5 is out: Copy your iPhone iOS 4 Music to Computer Now!

It’s been hectic here these days with all the successive releases of the iPad, iTunes 9.2 and the iPhone iOS 4.

We were just a little behind our schedule, but we just filled the gap with the release of TuneAid 3.5 for iPhone iOS 4 users.
This latest TuneAid version enables the copy of music from virtually any Apple iPod, iPad or iPhone to any computer, whether it’s a PC running Windows or a Mac with OS X (10.4 Tiger or higher).

We took this opportunity to change the apps logo to a red note, thus avoiding confusion with any other possible Red Cross institution!

As usual, this release has also allow us to fix minor bugs, as to polish the application where needed.

Get your TuneAid 3.5 copy here, upgrades are free for licenses that are less than a year old.

For more information on this release please contact DigiDNA!