USB Connectivity and iPhone Applications – Quick Roundup & Look Ahead

22 Mar, 2010   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

USB iPhone Connectivity was Pionneered by our Desktop App DiskAid

At this time, we were the first software company to allow both USB access to the iPhone and the corresponding feature in an embarked application now called FileApp and FileApp Pro both still allow that with a jailbroken device).

Justified Complaints and Unclear Outcome Then

Many users complained about the change as we were pressed by Apple to restrain access to the files that were copied from within the iPhone app. Also lots of supporters understood the challenge, and lately the fact that the ban hit all developers of iPhone apps and perhaps the relay of the specialized press has allowed a better understanding of the stakes (see this MacWorld note, or this article from MacObserver for example).

However the disruption of the USB feature had triggered much debate and guessing on Apple’s strategy. We carefully kept away from unfounded speculations, but we now begin to have a clearer sight of where this is heading.

A Much Brighter Picture From Now On

The outcome seems exciting, from our analysis based on the latest iPhone firmware developer’s release (SDK 3.2 Beta) we believe that USB will be thoroughly supported by the device, letting every application a form of “mounting point” or a “gateway” to the computer desktop allowing application file exchange. This should allow users iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to select the files that should be exchanged between computer and device. We have no idea at the time if a proper sync will be available and we will keep on trying to find new possibilities to this feature along with our applications.

Name changed due to a trademark claim settlement