WWDC23 Wrap Up & Thoughts on Vision Pro

21 Jun, 2023   |   Author: iMazing Team


This 2023 edition of Apple’s developer conference will go down in history as one of Apple’s most significant product announcements. Even though spots were very limited to view the keynote in person at Apple Park, the excitement was palpable all around town in Cupertino before and especially after the presentation.

The volume and the magnitude of announcements were impressive, with numerous and innovative features like “NameDrop”, other AirDrop updates in iOS, and the push toward gaming in Sonoma for example. But the real star of the show was a major product release: Vision Pro. Completely new product line announcements don’t come often from Apple, and as much as this was rumored, it caught most observers off guard.

Whether one believes that what Apple calls a new computing platform (”spatial computing”) is effectively the dawn of a new era, or that Vision Pro is not going to become as ubiquitous as the iPhone, most were still very impressed by the device, or maybe more by the emotions the demos were conveying.

We are convinced adoption will grow over time, up to a significant share of Apple’s business. Ultimately spatial computing will be a thing. Not replacing desktop or mobile, but rather like the latter, adding literally a new dimension to it.

We anticipate future “non-Pro” versions, that will be cheaper and allow more people to be able to enjoy this new computer interaction. Maybe we’re overly enthusiastic about the product’s market altogether because we were in Cupertino that day, and Apple’s marketing hype has rubbed off on us…

PS: And yes naturally, count on us to be among the developers that will line up to get our hands on a development kit as soon as we can and enter the XR space!