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We've been fans of John Gruber since he began sharing his thoughts with the world 20 years ago. If you're also a fan, you likely know more about tech than the average consumer, so we assembled these details about iMazing to share with you.

  • iMazing is a desktop app for Mac and Windows that enhances your control over iOS and iPadOS devices.
  • It's full of features Apple has never given users, and improves on many others.
  • iMazing is useful for almost everyone, especially those who prefer local control over their devices or want to avoid Cloud services.

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iMazing Features


Quick Transfer

The fastest way to copy a file from Mac/Win to iOS/iPadOS

  • A single drag-and-drop transfers your file from your computer to the app of choice on your iOS/iPadOS device.
  • Faster & more convenient than File Sharing or AirDrop.
  • Conveniently accessible via the menu bar/task bar.
  • Or use iMazing to browse the full contents of your device's file system!

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The ultimate solution for local backups

  • Schedule automatic backups over Wi-Fi or USB.
  • Recover individual files or restore previous states.
  • Back up to any local storage device, including external drives & NAS. Move or export existing backups to other locations.
  • Supports iOS/iPadOS device snapshots (backups over time, similar to the Mac's Time Machine), an iMazing exclusive.

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Photos & Music

You're in full control

  • Music: Copy between any Apple device and any computer.
  • Supports all media types, including FLAC.
  • Photos: Fast and powerful photo browser, with more viewing options than Apple provides.
  • Easily export or import photos to or from any location.

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Archive, Export, and Print iMessages, SMS, WhatsApp

  • Simply the best tool for saving copies of your messages.
  • Supports media files; preserve or share those memory-capturing group chats.
  • Export to PDF or print conversations for court or business purposes.
  • Lawyers and law firms: see our Phone Evidence package, we built it for you!

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For Businesses

Trusted by over 5,000 organizations, our solutions are easily deployed and loved by admins and end-users.

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iMazing Supervision

  • Powerful tools for local supervision.
  • Put devices in Kiosk mode, unlock advanced security settings, or manage restrictions.
  • The world's only supervision tool for Windows.

iMazing Configurator

  • Configure and provision fleets of Apple mobile devices locally.
  • Backup devices automatically before restores.
  • Install and manage profiles.
  • Install and manage apps from your VPP library.
  • Streamline MDM enrollment.
  • Repeatable, automatable, and scalable.

iMazing Profile Editor

  • Create, edit, and sign Apple Configuration Profiles.
  • Free for Mac and Windows.
  • Mac App Store: 5 out of 5 rating

Phone Evidence

  • Message archiving optimized for law firms.
  • Send clients clear and easy instructions to prepare transcripts for legal purposes

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Additional features include:


Detect Spyware

Check for NSO Pegasus infection.


Device Console

View in real-time, no need for Xcode.


App Management

Download and install iOS/iPadOS apps.


Battery Status

Monitor all devices from your Mac or PC.


Selective Transfer

Choose exactly what to migrate to a new device.


Call History

Browse & export as CSV, XLS, PDF.


Voice Mail

Browse & export in bulk.



Browse & export browsing data, history.


Contacts/Calendar/Notes/Voice Memos

Superior local management.

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