iMazing Special Offer

Keep your mobile data safe with iMazing's unique iOS backup technology!

Flip through old text messages, notes and photos, just like you would on your iPhone or iPad. Keep your personal data safe and close at hand. Restore a specific backup, or recover just what you need.

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macOS Windows
iOS 15

Core features

iMazing was created as an alternative to iTunes, to empower iPhone and iPad users by allowing them to freely manage music and files on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. Today, the software helps millions go beyond what iTunes' or the Finder offer, and truly take control of their mobile data.

A time machine for iPhone

iMazing 2 automatically keeps a history of your backups. You can switch between different versions in exactly 3 clicks. Go back in time and browse your iPhone just as it was yesterday or last month.

Easy access to music, photos and videos

Media files can be moved between any iPhone or iPad and a computer. Favorite pictures, homemade videos and music can be saved and shared, without using iCloud or iTunes.

Simple message transfers

Text messages, MMS, iMessages and attachments can be safely stored on any computer. Conversations can then be browsed and printed.

From an old iPhone to a new one

It's easy to copy the content of any iPhone or iPad to a new one. Users can choose what data and apps they want to save and transfer.

What can iMazing do?