Let’s Discuss our Device-Based License Model

22 May, 2024   |   Author: iMazing Team
iMazing License Model

Why we abandoned computer-based licensing

We’ve had a few comments about iMazing’s device-based perpetual licensing model that we offer as an alternative to a renewable subscription license. This post intends to clarify any misunderstanding that could arise as to what it is, how it compares to other models, and what the benefits are of such an offering.

Why are we doing this

We don’t want to charge for updates, retain upgrades, or interfere with our maintenance work and release cycle. We want iMazing users to use the latest and greatest version of the software, all the time, at no extra cost.

iMazing is also continually evolving. With version 3, iMazing has been re-architected as a platform that will allow us to introduce numerous new features in the upcoming months and years. This progress would not be possible without our device-based licensing model.

Why not offer just a subscription

Software companies have been transitioning to subscription licensing to ensure they have the resources to support the regular updates that increasingly complex software depends on. This is especially the case for us, given iMazing's long history and broad support for devices, platforms, and operating systems. The traditional paid-upgrade model, dependent on continuous customer acquisition, simply isn't sustainable.

iMazing's device-based licensing enables us to provide our customers with two value propositions:

  • A subscription with a lower initial cost and a bit of flexibility, but that requires an annual payment.
  • A perpetual license that is valid for the life of the Apple mobile device, but cannot be transferred to another device.

With an iMazing subscription, a device that was previously linked to your license but is not connected for 9 months is automatically removed from your license, allowing a new one to be linked. This provides flexibility to individuals and families who routinely add or rotate devices.

An iMazing perpetual license does not support device unlinks, but only requires a one-time payment that provides you access to all iMazing updates for the life of the device. If you typically keep devices for 2 or more years, our perpetual license is probably the best choice for you. With our perpetual license, you also gain free lifetime support by email.

Why devices instead of computers?

We introduced iMazing’s device-based licensing model in late 2020 after considering all the variables that could continue to support our business while doing away with paid upgrades.

We feel this is the best indicator of usage and allows our more budget-minded users who hang on to their devices for many years to use iMazing without an annual fee.

Device-based licensing also allows you to use your licensed device with any computer running iMazing, addressing a common pain point among users who may have different computers at different locations but always have their iPhone or iPad with them.

What this means for you

When you want to get the most out of iMazing and unlock all features, you have two choices:

  • Buy a subscription
    This option is designed for people that have many devices, or rotate them often, like getting each year newly released iPhone or adding new iPads to their setup.
  • One-time purchase
    This is the best option for people who hang on to a device longer. The license is tied to the very device for its entire lifetime and can’t be reallocated. Packs of licenses are available at a discount if a device is planned to be renewed, and more device slots can be added anytime.

A few last words…

We're incredibly grateful for the support our customers have given us for more than 15 years, and hope this post clarifies the reason and intentions behind iMazing's licensing shift in 2020.

Change is not always comfortable, but adaptation is absolutely necessary to ensure that we can continue to develop the best iPhone manager on the planet for years to come.

Even just a decade ago, the software industry was ripe with independent firms that developed quality titles. The economics of the industry has resulted in massive consolidation and a great reduction in companies such as ours.

We understand how important people's devices are to them, especially the data contained on them, and are proud to reassure our customers that we remain fiercely independent, with no external funding nor anyone to answer to other than our customers. It’s to that end that we wanted to assure you that we appreciate your feedback, and wanted to share this additional information with you.

Your friends in Switzerland,
the iMazing team

iMazing 3 License Facts

  • All updates and upgrades are free.
  • iMazing can be installed on any number of computers, Mac or PC.
  • If a device is lost or stolen, contact us so its replacement can inherit the Device license.

Please don't forget iMazing's free features are free for everyone! This includes device backups and browsing the backups, so if you are using iMazing 3 to migrate devices, only the new device needs a license, not the old one.

And don’t miss other must-have Free features, like Quick Transfer!