iMazing Phone Evidence
for e-discovery

iMazing's industry-leading message transcription, call log, and iPhone/iPad data extraction, optimized for attorneys and law firms to use for e-discovery with clients.

Available on Mac & PC

Please Note: Since November 2023, Phone Evidence is now sold under the name iMazing Business - Device License.

Preserve evidence & prove agreements

Messages & WhatsApp

  • Browse & export text (SMS/MMS), iMessage and WhatsApp messages
  • Include metadata: data/time, subject, delivery status
  • Export chat conversations to PDF, Excel, CSV or .txt
  • Preserve and export all attachments: photos, video, audio, links
  • Print easy to read transcripts
Export to:
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • TXT

Archive and report your communications

Phone Call History & Voicemail

  • Browse call history by contact, duration, or type
  • Export call log in Excel or CSV (ready to print)
  • Save voicemails for record keeping
Export to:
  • CSV
  • Audio (Adaptive Multi-Rate)

Browse & export other data

  • Browse and export Safari history and bookmarks
  • Browse and export contacts, calendars, voice memos, notes
  • Browse iOS photo library and extract all metadata

Export all data

  • When you need to freeze a device in time and always be able to access all of its content in the future.
  • Export contents in human readable format (useful for evidence)
  • Export contents in raw format (useful for forensics)

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"We use iMazing in our family law cases dealing with divorce and custody issues. It has proven extremely beneficial in preparing accurately dated text messages to use as evidence in court."

Ed Walsh,

Texas Attorney

Who is it for?

iMazing Business - Device License (previously named iMazing Phone Evidence) is designed for legal professionals or other situations where a one-time purchase (perpetual device license) is desired.

This is especially well-suited if you wish to have a client or user to extract their own data at home.

Law firms or companies seeking an in-house solution for using iMazing with many different devices may find more value with the iMazing Business - Subscription.

iMazing’s features are identical between both products, only the license model and pricing are different.

Key Points

  • iMazing Business - Device License (formerly iMazing Phone Evidence) is sold as a quantity of device licenses.
  • Licenses never expire.
  • (Optional) With iMazing Account, send licenses as needed to clients. Each client or user will receive a unique license code by email, with instructions to use iMazing.
  • Clients can use iMazing to extract call history or conversations from SMS/iMessage or WhatsApp, and more.
  • Save photos, videos, audio, links, attachments, etc.
  • Transcripts or logs can be exported to PDF, XLS or CSV.
  • Metadata can be preserved and presented (phone number, date, time, delivery/read status).
  • iMazing's full suite of tools is also available: extract notes, voicemail, Safari history or bookmarks, and more.
  • Each license is good for unlimited use per device, so clients can continue to use iMazing to extract additional data as needed.
  • Clients can transfer the extracted data from their computer to their attorney using your firm's preferred file transfer method (USB drive, secure file sharing, etc.).

Key Questions

  • Do you still offer iMazing Phone Evidence?

    In an effort to unify and simplify our offerings, since November 2023 iMazing Phone Evidence is now sold as iMazing Business - Device License.

  • Is iMazing Phone Evidence a separate product from iMazing?

    No, Phone Evidence is a type of license, not a separate application.
    Phone Evidence clients will download the same iMazing application as any other iMazing customer does.

  • What is the difference between iMazing and iMazing Phone Evidence?

    Technically speaking, very little. The main difference is the experience your client has with iMazing.
    Especially for those with lower technical expertise, iMazing Phone Evidence presents a more straight-forward process for your client to extract the data they need from their device.

  • Will my block of licenses ever expire?

    No, licenses remain valid for the lifetime of the device they are used with.