Shortcuts in iMazing

💡iMazing 3
This guide is not yet complete or updated for iMazing 3. An update will be available soon.

Apps Shortcuts

The last button in the panel is the New Shortcut button. It opens a wizard which lets you pick an application you would like to create a shortcut to - very convenient to keep VLC or GoodReader files just a click away! Apps which you create a shortcut for show up in the Dataset Panel, just like VLC in the screenshot below:

iMazing VLC Shortcut Screenshot

iMazing FileApp Shortcut Screenshot

💡Tip: If you do not see your shortcuts, or the New Shortcut button, make sure that you have selected a connected device and not a backup: shortcuts are only available for live devices.

Folder Shortcuts

For advanced users, iMazing also offers shortcuts to specific locations in a device’s file system. It can be to a sub-folder of an application's Documents folder, or to a specific location in the device's Media folder for example.

Adding this type of shortcut is done via the File System view:

  1. In the sidebar, select the File System section of a device iMazing File system view
  2. Select the folder of you choice, and click New Shortcut in the bottom toolbar iMazing File System view with Media selected
  3. Enter a name for your shortcut, and click OK. iMazing create new shortcut dialog box Your shorcut will now appear in the Datasets Panel. iMazing main view with new media shorcut