iMazing Manual

iMazing Manual

Manage your iMazing license

Trial version

Most of iMazing's features are available in the free trial but you will need a license to:

  • Transfer unlimited data between your device and your computer
  • Restore backups
  • Update or reinstall iOS on your device

For more information on the trial limitations visit our FAQ page.

Purchase a license

To unlock iMazing's premium features, you'll need an activation code. To obtain an activation code, purchase an iMazing license from our store.

Depending on your license type, the same activation code can be used to activate iMazing on multiple computers (Mac or PC).

  • Single License - activate one computer.
  • Universal License - activate up to 2 computers.
  • Family license - activate up to 5 computers.

There is no limit to the number of Apple devices you can manage with iMazing.

For more information, please see our license policy.

💡 iMazing Configurator requires a separate license which also includes iMazing's core features. iMazing Configurator is available for businesses only, not for private use. Learn more about iMazing Configurator.

Activate iMazing

To activate iMazing:

  1. In the upper toolbar, click Unlock Full Version.
    iMazing device view with unlock full version selected
  2. In the dialog box, click Enter Activation Code.
    iMazing activation dialog box, enter activation code button is selected
  3. In the dialog box, enter your activation code and click Activate.
    iMazing activation code dialog box, enter activation number here Your copy of iMazing is now activated, congratulations!

Retrieve your activation code

If you've previously purchased a license, you can retrieve your activation code at any time from our website's activation code retrieval page, on which you will need to enter the email you registered your licence with.

If you do not remember that email address, please contact Support with your full name and/or order number.

💡 Tip: iMazing 2 and iMazing 1 are different software, each with their own set of activation codes. When retrieving your activation code, make sure to select the right version of iMazing.You can check what version of iMazing you are running from the menu bar: iMazing > About iMazing.

Deactivate your computer

You can deactivate a computer, and free up an activation slot at any time from iMazing's menu bar: License > Deactivate.

iMazing menu bar, deactivate selected

Warning: If you are planning on reinstalling your computer's OS, you'll want to deactivate iMazing before. If you forget, no worries - just contact us and we'll reset your activations for you!