What's new in iMazing 3?

💡iMazing 3
This guide is not yet complete or updated for iMazing 3. An update will be available soon.

iMazing 3 Features

Welcome to iMazing 3! We're excited to introduce our redesigned interface, along with many other improvements and new features.

If you're transitioning from iMazing 1 or 2, you'll notice numerous changes beyond the colorful interface refresh. Please head to the dedicated page to learn what's new and what's been improved.

You can also use the in-app guided tour to quickly learn about main changes. iMazing 3 Guided Tour

Reorganization of the iMazing interface and main changes.

We are currently updating all iMazing 3 user manuals for version 3.

In the meantime, our temporary documentation can assist you in understanding the iMazing 3 interface and its primary differences from iMazing 2.

Learn iMazing's 3 interface