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Safely try iOS 15 beta – and downgrade back to iOS 14 if needed

The iOS 15 developer beta is out, and according to our early testing, it's one of the most stable major iOS betas we've seen. The public beta is likely just a few weeks away, and you may be planning on installing it on a personal device. In this article,...

18 Jun, 2021   |   Author: iMazing Team

How to downgrade from iOS 12 Beta to iOS 11 without losing data

Downgrading from iOS 12 beta back to iOS 11.4 is easy, but keeping your data in the process isn't: after downgrading, your iOS device will be completely reset and restoring an iOS 12 backup will not be possible. If you made an iTunes or iMazing backup...

13 Jul, 2018   |   Author: iMazing Team