Configuration Profiles: Current Issues Log

Configuration Profiles: Current Issues Log

💡iMazing 3
This guide is not yet complete or updated for iMazing 3. An update will be available soon.

This page documents issues and pain points faced by admins who leverage configuration profiles to manage iOS and macOS devices. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but to reflect feedback we receive from iMazing Profile Editor and iMazing Configurator users. Contributions are welcome – please don't hesitate to share your feedback via our contact form or the #imazing_profile_editor channel of the MacAdmins Slack.


No ongoing manifest issues are currently known.


Per-app VPN configuration not in iMazing Profile Editor

IPE does not currently display per-app VPN configuration settings. Please get in touch if those settings are important to your policies and we'll bump up priority accordingly.

TypeMissing Configuration Domain
DomainAppLayerVPN (
OSiOS, macOS
Last Update2024.02.27


Manually build a profile according to Apple specs for this domain.

Erase all content restriction not honoured by iOS 15

Disabling Allow erase all content and settings via MDM or local configuration profile installation has no effect on iOS 15.0.x, tested up until iOS 15.0.2.
Fixed in iOS 15.1

TypeOS Issue - Ignored Managed Setting
DomainRestrictions (
OSiOS 15.0.x, iPadOS 15.0.x
Last Update2021.10.28


Update to iOS 15.1.

Firefox profile has no effect

The configuration payload is ignored by Firefox if it does not include EnterprisePoliciesEnabled=true.

TypeUnexpected Behaviour
DomainFirefox (org.mozilla.firefox)
Last Update2021.10.18

Because the default value of EnterprisePoliciesEnabledis true, iMazing Profile Editor was not writing it out to the outputted profile.


The key has been made a required key, and its default value is now included in Firefox profiles without requiring any user interaction. Available as a manifest update in IPE 1.5 and above.

Web Content Filter error on macOS

The Web Content Filter configuration payload is documented by Apple as being supported by both iOS and macOS, but does not work out of the box on macOS, triggering an unexpected error message upon installation.

TypeUnexpected Behaviour
DomainWeb Content Filter (
Last Update2021.10.18

MacOS does not support the Built-in filter type (FilterType=BuiltIn). This behaviour is documented by Apple, but isn't evident when editing a profile with IPE or Apple Configurator 2.


Added iOS Only to the string describing the built-in filter. Available as a manifest update in IPE 1.5 and above.