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How to fix Device Disconnected error during iOS 10.3.3 backups

Since iOS 10.3.3 was released, we've been seeing more and more reports of users unable to back up their devices because of a recurring disconnection error. Further investigations revealed that the error happens both with iMazing and iTunes, and is the...

7 Aug, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

How iOS 10.3 broke iTunes File Sharing on Windows

With iOS 10.3, Apple started to roll out it's new file system, APFS. The delicate transition was largely successful, with very few bugs and no widespread systematic issues reported. But lately, we've been receiving more and more complaints from Windows...

8 May, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2.2: Books, Photos and more

iMazing 2.2 was just released, and it’s a feature party! iOS 10.3 compatibility of course, but also so much more… Transfer Photos, both ways The iPhone is great for taking pictures, and the iPad gorgeous to showcase them. But Apple provides no easy...

14 Mar, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team