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iMazing introduces free conversion of Apple’s new .HEIC image format

At a glance With iOS 11, iPhone 6s and above save photos as .HEIC files which aren’t widely supported on desktops yet. If you see a .HEIC file, don’t panic! Grab our tiny free conversion tool. No registration, no strings attached, promised. Are you an...

19 Sep, 2017   |   Author: iMazing Team

Copy Photos to iPhone and iPad with iMazing

iMazing 2.2 introduces a simple yet effective way to get pictures from your Mac or PC straight to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can now drag and drop image files or folders straight to the Photos section in iMazing: you'll be prompted to enter a...

15 Mar, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2.2: Books, Photos and more

iMazing 2.2 was just released, and it’s a feature party! iOS 10.3 compatibility of course, but also so much more… Transfer Photos, both ways The iPhone is great for taking pictures, and the iPad gorgeous to showcase them. But Apple provides no easy...

14 Mar, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team