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iMazing Converter 2: Now processing HEVC

We recently updated our free little tool for converting HEIC photos, adding support for converting HEVC video, as well. As a result, we said goodbye to iMazing HEIC Converter, and hello to iMazing Converter 2! When Apple adopted the HEIC image format with...

23 Oct, 2022   |   Author: iMazing Team

iMazing 2.11: Photos, Tools & Configuration

iMazing 2.11 is here, and it's a pretty special update. Our Mac users enjoy an awesome rebuild of our Photos section, and our Windows users get access to a handy solution to easily convert Apple's HEIC image format to JPEG or PNG. The 2.11 update also...

25 Mar, 2020   |   Author: Gregorio Zanon

iMazing introduces free conversion of Apple’s new .HEIC image format

At a glance With iOS 11, iPhone 6s and above save photos as .HEIC files which aren’t widely supported on desktops yet. If you see a .HEIC file, don’t panic! Grab our tiny free conversion tool. No registration, no strings attached, promised. Are you an...

19 Sep, 2017   |   Author: iMazing Team