Actions & Tools in iMazing

💡iMazing 3
This guide is not yet complete or updated for iMazing 3. An update will be available soon.

The actions panel is where you'll launch most common operations. Some like Restore trigger a wizard, others have immediate effect. The list of available actions depends on whether your sidebar selection is a device or a backup.

When iMazing's window is at its minimum size, some of the action buttons will not be visible until you scroll down.

iMazing Actions Panel Screencast


Wizards are easy to follow step-by-step assistants for the following operations:

  • Backup a device
  • Restore a backup to a device
  • Transfer data from one device to another
  • Manage apps on the device or in iMazing's Apps Library

💡Tip: At the end of each wizard, you will have the option to Close Window. Closing the window is perfectly safe: it will take you back to iMazing's main interface, and will not cancel your ongoing operation.

To view the status of ongoing and finished operations, open the Operations window.

Device actions

The following actions are available when a device is selected in the sidebar.

Back UpOpen the Backup Wizard.
Restore a backupOpen the Restore Wizard.
Transfer to another deviceOpen the Transfer to another device Wizard.
Manage AppsOpen the Manage Apps Wizard.
Check WarrantyCheck the device's Apple support coverage..
Export Raw dataExport backup files of the device in a human readable hierarchy
Show Device ConsoleOpen the iMazing Device Console.
SleepPlace the device in sleep mode.
RestartRestart the device
Shut DownShut down the device
ForgetRemove the device from iMazing's sidebar and delete cached files. Optionally remove pairing.
Update iOSDownload and update iOS to the latest available version on Apple servers (only displayed if an update is available)
Reinstall iOSOpen the Reinstall iOS wizard
Erase all contentErase all content and settings.

Backup Actions

The following actions are available when a backup is selected in the sidebar.

Backup ActionsAction
Restore to DeviceRestore the backup to a device
Export as FolderExport the backup to a folder
Export as iMazing FileExport the backup as a zipped .imazing file
Reveal in Finder/ Windows ExplorerOpen the backup's location in Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (PC)
RepairAttempt to repair a corrupted backup
DeleteDelete the current backup, including all previous versions of it.