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Backup an iPhone or iPad to an external drive, or another location

iTunes can back up your mobile devices to a default location on your computer's system drive. But what about backing up your iPhone or iPad to an external drive or NAS? To a specific folder or partition?

iMazing not only features the tools to easily set a backup location, it also makes backing up safer by letting you keep many backups of a device at a fraction of the disk usage cost. And if needed, you can even set a different backup location for each your devices.

Before you begin

Download and install iMazing on your Mac or PC computer


To change your device's backup location:

  1. In the sidebar, select your device.
  2. In the main window, click the cogwheel icon next to your device's name. This will open the Device Options window.
  3. In the Device Options window, click Change Backup location. SCREENSHOT_03
  4. Select a disk, or click Choose a custom location to choose a specific folder.
  5. Click Done. You've set the new backup location for that device.

💡Tip: *If you select a disk, iMazing will create an *iMazing.Backups folder at the root of your drive.*

What to keep in mind

  • The first time you back up a device, iMazing will automatically display backup location options.
  • Changing your backup location will only affect future backups. It will not move existing backups to the new backup location.
  • Changing your iMazing backup location will not affect your iTunes backups' location.


Updated 13 Apr, 2017

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