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Print iPhone text messages (SMS), MMS, and iMessages

Print iPhone text messages (SMS), MMS, and iMessages

On a Mac, you can print your iMessages from Apple's Messages application. Unfortunately, the Messages desktop app does not display SMS, only iMessages. This results in incomplete conversation threads.

On Windows, there is no equivalent to the Messages app. To view or print text messages on a PC, you will need third party software.

iMazing offers two easy solution to print text messages and iMessages on both Mac and PC:

Who is this guide for?

Anyone who wants to easily print their text messages from their computer.

Before you begin

Download and install iMazing on your Mac or PC computer


To print your messages:

  1. Launch iMazing and connect your device.
  2. In the left sidebar, select Messages. To view your most recent messages, you may need to refresh your data.
    If this is your first time connecting your device, iMazing will initiate a backup to pull your messages.
    iMazing Messages view
  3. Select the conversation(s) you want to export.
    By default, iMazing will export your entire conversation. If you only want to export specific messages, select them now.
  4. In the bottom toolbar, click the Print button. This will open a print dialog box.
  5. In the dialog box, select your print settings and click Print.

iCloud Messages Update: The biggest new feature in iOS 11.4 is the ability to sync all of your text messages and attachments via iCloud. If you enable iCloud Messages, iMazing will still be able to display and extract your messages like before, but some older attachments may be removed by iOS from your device and kept in the cloud. Text content is not affected.

💡 Tips: Use the CTRL/Command, or SHIFT keys to select multiple contacts or messages. Selecting multiple conversations aggregates them in the main view.