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How to downgrade from iOS 12 Beta to iOS 11 without losing data

Downgrading from iOS 12 beta back to iOS 11.4 is easy, but keeping your data in the process isn't: after downgrading, your iOS device will be completely reset and restoring an iOS 12 backup will not be possible. If you made an iTunes or iMazing backup...

13 Jul, 2018   |   Author: iMazing Team

No, end-to-end encryption does not prevent Facebook from accessing WhatsApp chats

At a glance During his Congressional hearing, Mark Zuckerberg reiterated that Facebook doesn’t have access to WhatsApp chats thanks to end-to-end encryption. In fact, communication channels between the WhatsApp and Facebook iOS apps could be abused to...

12 Apr, 2018   |   Author: iMazing Team

Why Backing Up iPhone Still Matters?

We carry much of our data with us, in our bags or pockets, stored in tiny devices which often continuously sync with ‘the cloud’. This abstraction of our data’s real storage location and status may be partly responsible for the fact that at least...

29 Mar, 2018   |   Author: iMazing Team

Is your iPhone's battery affecting it's performance and what to do about it?

29th of December 2017: Apple has addressed the issue in depth in an open letter. This article has been updated to reflect the drop in price of battery replacement of affected devices. It's been all over the news lately: Apple admitted to intentionally...

23 Dec, 2017   |   Author: iMazing Team

iOS developers: review your IAP handling code!

Yesterday morning, while testing iMazing 1.3’s new app backup/restore feature, we realised that quite a few popular apps contain severe weaknesses in their in-app purchase (IAP) handling code, resulting in vulnerabilities which can easily be exploited...

22 Sep, 2015   |   Author: DigiDNA Team