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New iOS Device Management Features in iMazing 2.2

iMazing 2.2 features quite a few new tools and options which significantly expand it's iOS device management capabilities. A few of these additions are the result of requests from repair shops or power users. Others such as iOS installation have been on...

15 Mar, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Copy Photos to iPhone and iPad with iMazing

iMazing 2.2 introduces a simple yet effective way to get pictures from your Mac or PC straight to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can now drag and drop image files or folders straight to the Photos section in iMazing: you'll be prompted to enter a...

15 Mar, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2.2: Books, Photos and more

iMazing 2.2 was just released, and it’s a feature party! iOS 10.3 compatibility of course, but also so much more… Transfer Photos, both ways The iPhone is great for taking pictures, and the iPad gorgeous to showcase them. But Apple provides no easy...

14 Mar, 2017   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

Shortcuts 2.0

Shortcuts in iMazing 1 were useful, but were not very well integrated to the interface, and really could have been more user friendly. Since iMazing 2.1.2, they're back and looking cute! It's now dead simple to add your favourite file sharing apps to your...

2 Dec, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2.1 is Live

iMazing 2.1 is live! Here's what's new: Shortcuts 2.0 The much requested return of shortcuts arrived just a bit late, in iMazing 2.1.2. Adding videos to VLC, or PDFs to FileApp has never been easier! More about Shortcuts... Touch Bar For our lucky users...

21 Nov, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2.1 gives iOS devs a better device console

iMazing always featured some great tools for the developer community, all of them freely accessible in our trial version: Direct access to the sandbox of apps in development (Developer virtual folder) Read/Write access to the file system of backups Tools...

17 Nov, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iOS 10.2 introduces 1’000 times safer encrypted backups

The first beta of iOS 10.2 has been available to developers for a few days now, and it looks like this new version will feature much stronger encryption of local backups. We believe that the move showcases Apple’s commitment to data security and user...

7 Nov, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2 is Here!

iMazing 2 is our biggest release in 2 years, and is available right now for PC and for Mac! We've refreshed the UI so that it better reflects your content, we've made backups not only safer but way more powerful, and we've added new wizards to help you...

26 Sep, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2 Mac Beta FAQ

If you're trying out iMazing 2 and are coming from iMazing 1, you'll find that a few things have changed. This FAQ's aim is to answer questions such as ‘Where did the ‘Backups’ section go?

For a more in-depth look at new features, please check our iMazing 2 Beta QuickStart Guide.

10 Aug, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team

iMazing 2 Mac Beta QuickStart Guide

Welcome to all beta testers! We’re thrilled to have you on board, and look forward to your feedback. Please submit all your praise, blames, suggestions, and bug/crash reports from within iMazing’s Help menu: Help >> Send feedback or bug report....

10 Aug, 2016   |   Author: DigiDNA Team